With the Second team now playing in the Palace Shield there are a number of differences to the rules they have been playing in previous seasons.


Win/Lose Cricket.

Draws have gone, Win/Lose Cricket is in play with 9 Points for a Win. 3 extra points can be obtained by taking wickets.

If the team loses the game, they can still pick up a maximum of Six Points by picking up batting and bowling points.


The Game is still 45 Overs per side.



One Bowler may bowl 15 overs, and others are restricted to 12. This is a slight change to previous years where all bowlers were restricted to 12 overs.


Duckworth Lewis.

In rain effected games (Minimum game is 20 overs) - Duckworth Lewis will be used to adjust the team batting seconds total.


Fielding Restrictions.

League games will have a 30-yard circle, with at least 4 fielders inside the circle at all times.




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